Emergency Department

Emergency Department Patient Instructions

Certified for Stage 1 and Stage 2 meaningful use

LOGICARE Patient Instructions have been used in Emergency Departments, outpatient clinics and urgent care centers for over 26 years!

LOGICARE Emergency Department discharge instructions allow you to chose from over 6,300 topics to create the most complete and personalized instructions possible for discharged adult and pediatric patients.

With LOGICARE instructions, you can teach on treatment and follow-up in a single document, qualities that support better patient understanding.

Our instructions have always been patient specific and we’re certified for this meaningful use requirement.

LOGICARE systems mean you can:

  • Include your own topics.
  • Receive new and refreshed topics from LOGICARE, and request topics online.
  • Add optional Spanish topics, which can be viewed side-by-side with English.
  • Prepare consistent, individualized and thorough instructions in just 60 to 90 seconds, and have access to previous visit instructions.
  • Integrate with interfaces or CCOW to make it easy to find the right patient, and reduce data entry.