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OnRecord Security
    Our OnRecord™ application offers the following features to help our customers address the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) privacy and security regulations.

    • Authentication, with unique user identification, user name and password login screens, the ability of users to change their password, password encryption on screen and in storage, automatic log-off after a configurable amount of keyboard or mouse inactivity, and the ability to disable the account of any user after a configurable number of failed login attempts.
    • Role-based authorization.
    • An audit log of: Log-ins; log-outs; changes to security settings, including enabling and disabling user accounts, password and PIN changes and creation of new security accounts; who accessed screens with protected healthcare information (PHI), and when; who created, edited, or deleted documents or visit records, and when; and who viewed test results and when. Audit reports are standard with most LOGICARE applications.
    • Facilities can control and configure security through a security manager application. In those applications with a patient tracking board, the board can include a confidential view.
    • LOGICARE applications can support several single sign-on applications and devices.
    • All LOGICARE systems can display the patient status board in confidential mode.

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